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What are the Thiazolidinedione Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes?

Cases of diabetes are rising day by day, and it remains to be the most common lifestyle diseases. Of these diabetes patients, around 90% have type 2 diabetes (T2D). Also, there are many people whose blood sugar levels are high enough to be considered pre-diabetic. Pre-diabetes is a precursor to diabetes, but not all the situations progress to type 2 diabetes. In as much as there is no proven cure for diabetes, there are numerous remedies and approaches you can employ to manage it, such as oral diabetes medications. Among the drugs that you can use to control type 2 diabetes are thiazolidinedione drugs. It is an oral diabetes medication that will keep your blood sugar levels within safe limits. The article herein will discuss oral diabetes medications that are right for you.

The other name for thiazolidinedione drugs is glitazones, which are oral diabetes medications. Thiazolidinedione drugs are specifically designed to help patients with T2D. Some medical professionals prescribe thiazolidinedione drugs as a way of preventing them from developing type 2 diabetes. The US market has both pioglitazone and rosiglitazone as oral diabetes medications. The prescriptions for thiazolidinedione drugs should always come from a licensed medical expert. Before when choosing brands of thiazolidinedione drugs to use since not all are effective.

Thiazolidinediones function by lowering the blood sugar level of the user. They are oral diabetes medications that will raise your body’s insulin sensitivity. Also, you should know that thiazolidinedione drugs help curb glucose production in the liver. In most cases, type 2 diabetes patients produce excess glucose by their liver. For that reason, doctors do not prescribe thiazolidinedione drugs for people with fatty liver disease.

No doubt, taking thiazolidinedione drugs is the best way that you can control type 2 diabetes. As you know, diabetes usually has debilitating effects; hence you should not hesitate to start using TZDs. Consult with your doctor to know the right oral diabetes medications to use. Seniors living with multiple health issues are required to use thiazolidinedione drugs since most of them cannot tolerate the side effects of metformin. Just like any other prescription drug, you need to learn about the side effects of thiazolidinedione drugs before taking them to regulate your blood sugar levels. The most undesirable side effect of taking thiazolidinedione drugs is weight gain. Also, thiazolidinedione drugs increases peripheral fat mass. Click here to learn some of the side effects of using different oral diabetes medications.

TZDs are perfect for controlling type 2 diabetes but not suitable for all individuals. Now that you understand thiazolidinedione drugs for controlling type 2 diabetes, you should start using them.

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